Clinics by MCoR Members

Model Railroading in the Computer Age by Jim Ables


Making Highly Detailed Realistic Trees - Part I by Pamela Todd


Weathering with Chalks and Alcohol by Lionel M. Smith, Jr

MCoR Clinic Links

One of the most valuable parts of any Division meeting is the clinic, but clinics and clinicians can be difficult to find. Access to almost 50 clinics, on different aspects of the hobby are now available through this page. These clinics can be used "as is" or as an outline to help the presenter make it his own. It is our hope that Divisions use the wealth of information found here as a useful tool in the development of their clinics.


The links to the right will take you to the Lone Star Region and National clinic lists, while the list to the left are clinics that region members have made available.


If you have a clinic that you would like to offer up for others in the Region to use, please submit it to either the President or the Education chairman.

Other Clinics

A Texas-sized thanks to both Hank Kraichely (from Gateway) and the fine folks from the Lone Star Region for working together to make the LSR clinic collection available to MCoR members.


The NMRA is also making clinics available to NMRA members under the EduTrain banner. Once logged in to the national web site, members can access the approved EduTrain clinics


If you have comments on this page or content to contribute, please contact the region webmaster

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