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The following is the list of MCoR Master Model Railroaders. These modelers have obtained at least seven of the eleven Achievement Certificates with at least one in each of the four achievement categories of the Regulations.

MMR No.   Name   Division
MMR 26   Warren K. Weston  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 30   Paul Moon  Little Rock Area
MMR 73   John G Slater  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 82   Ronald E. Williams  Ozark Mountain Area
MMR 90   W. Miles Hale  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 106   Douglas C. Taylor  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 116   Charles R. Hitchcock  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 119   Kenneth D. Ehlers  Indian Nations Division
MMR 120  Col Peter B. Smith  Gateway Division
MMR 128   Tim Kubat  Ozark Mountain Area
MMR 129   Vernon Hart  (Living Outside of Region)
MMR 131   Walter C. Johnson  Oklahoma Heartland Division
MMR 132   David Halpern  Indian Nations Division
MMR 137   Larry Keeler  (Living Outside of Region)
MMR 138  Rev. Robert L. Miller  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 159   Ronald D. Morse Sr.  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 168   G. Patrick Harriman  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 169   Walter Stansbury  Ozark Mountain Area
MMR 173   Larry R. Long  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 186   Charles L. Dischinger  Ozark Mountain Area
MMR 187   Russell Treptow  Deceased
MMR 194   W. Marty Vaughn  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 196   Richard E. Napper  Kansas Central Division
MMR 197   Fred Carlson  (Living Outside of Region)
MMR 208   Patrick G. Lana  (Living Outside of Region)
MMR 209   Jan E. Jester  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 211   Richard Yungclas  Deceased
MMR 216   Joe B. Robertson  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 234   Rick C. Shoup  (Living Outside of Region)
MMR 248   Al Warren  Kate Shelley Division
MMR 250   Joe Mock  Cowboy Line Division
MMR 257   Stephen J. Titus  Cowboy Line Division
MMR 265   Charles M. Buswell  Cowboy Line Division
MMR 273   Dean Windsor  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 277   Thomas J. Troughton  South Central Missouri Area
MMR 278   R. Doug Farner  Maple Leaf Area
MMR 288   Lloyd Larson  Platte Valley Division
MMR 291   Brad Joseph  Gateway Division
MMR 333   Larry R. Alfred  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 335   John B. Lee  Gateway Division
MMR 345   Paul Richardson  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 369   David A. Bartz  Gateway Division
MMR 370   Marion G. Brasher  (Living Outside of Region)
MMR 372   James F. EuDaly  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 373   Dave Roeder  Gateway Division
MMR 377   Stephen M. Priest  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 378   Thomas E. Shook  Deceased
MMR 380   Rick McClellan  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 381   Paul W. Myers  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 383   Earl Mullins  Platte Valley Division
MMR 386   Peter T. Bellos  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 390   Randolph P. Meyer  Gateway Division
MMR 395   John O'Neill  Platte Valley Division
MMR 398   Charles Stapleton  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 399   Charles R. Heying  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 403   Donald C. Taschner  Gateway Division
MMR 414   Tony J. Bowen  Eastern Iowa Division
MMR 415   Bretton Overholtzer  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 419   Robert J. Wintle  Maple Leaf Area
MMR 427   Philip G. Bonzon  Gateway Division
MMR 431   Frances Hale  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 435   Floyd Brittian  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 436   Peter H. Jaynes  Eastern Iowa Division
MMR 437   Brad Slone  South Central Missouri Area
MMR 439   Howard Junker  Platte Valley Division
MMR 443   Monte R. Hofmann  Nebraska West Central Division
MMR 450   Bradley Morneau  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 459   Allen G. Merta  Eastern Iowa Division
MMR 461   Nelson Moyer  Eastern Iowa Division
MMR 464   Ryan D. Moats  Western Heritage Division
MMR 465   Dennis M. Brandt  Cowboy Line Division
MMR 473   Kenneth Breher  Eastern Iowa Division
MMR 481   James Lester Lorhan  Platte Valley Division
MMR 493   Gary Hankins  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 501   Don Ball  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 503   Joel Priest  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 530  Dr. Louis S. Adler  Maple Leaf Area
MMR 548   Dave Jacobs  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 627   Sheldon Levy  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 631   William Scheerer  Turkey Creek Division
MMR 634   Edward F. Bommer  Indian Nations Division
MMR 660   J. Mark Juett  Turkey Creek Division


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