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Kenny Cline Award

This award is given by the last three recipients, in recognition of outstanding service to the Mid-Continent Region and to the Hobby of Model Railroading.


Kenny Cline served as Secretary/Treasurer for Several terms, as Vice-president for 1 two year term (1977 & 78) and served as President for one year term (1979) before passing away in office. Allen Pollock, his Vice-president, complete his uncompleted term.


The highest award that the Mid Continent Region can bestow upon an individual is that of the KEN CLINE AWARD. This award, established by the MCoR BOD in June of 1981, is given annually to someone in recognition of service to the Region, the NMRA, and the hobby in general. It occurred to me, however, that many of our members never had the privilege of knowing Ken personally. I asked former MCoR President Warren Weston, MMR of Lee's Summit, MO to tell us all a little about this gentleman whom our Region holds in such high esteem. The following, with a little editing on my part, are the words of Warren Weston telling us about his good friend, Ken Cline.


" was suggested that I put some memories down so that you might also know Ken Cline better. Ken, Kenneth R. Cline lived in Independence, MO with his wife Irene, and raised three daughters.


Ken has a B.S. in Education and a M.S. in Guidance and Counseling. He was employed by the Independence School District as a visiting teacher (truant officer). We had started a new model club (HO) that had finally found a home in the basement of a hobby shop on East Lexington near the square. During this era (the early 60's) we moved across the street to another basement that was more accessible and business-like. By accident, we found that we could get rid of most of our trash just by wrapping it up to look valuable, then carrying it to the top of the stars. By the time we got back up with another load to take home, the first package was gone. Bill Herd linger, Tom Bennett, Larry Kombrink, David Wade, Chuck Schrivener, Ken, and this writer, were some of the members of this group.

After a heart attack in the Mid 50's, Ken moved from modeling airplanes and boats, to TT scale model railroading. Later came HO and then he saw the "true light" of modeling as spoken by Swede Norlin: Sn3. Model building was always good therapy for Ken. He built a 10'x20' Sn3 layout in his basement, and the S Gang; Jim Phelps, Dave Engle, Mike Kane, Dave Pausell, Pete Bellos, Jim Graham, Dick Y. Wholf, and others would get together. At the 1970 Convention, he took a First Place for his Rio Grande work gondola.

Ken was later appointed Area Director and under his tutelage we had our first Area Meet. Starting at the Carousel on Troost for just gab sessions. From here the idea just grew. Elected to the first of five terms as Secretary/Treasurer in 1972, he served the Region well. During this time he received Achievement Awards for Association Official and Association Volunteer. Awarded the Kenny John Memorial Award in 1974 at Des Moines, he went on to be elected Vice President in 1977, and Region President in 1979. Just starting his second term as President, he suffered congestive heart failure on September 5, 1980, and died. His San Juan Railroad was now silent.

Ken was a dedicated modeler and most importantly, a person in service to modelers. He was quiet and jovial with his good humor to keep things running smoothly. He has been missed, and it is good to remember him with the "Ken Cline Award".

YearRecipiantAward Location

2023 Ray BradyKansas City, KS MCoR Convention
2022 Robert Folkmann
2021 Ryan Moats MMRTulsa, OK MCoR Convention
2020 Philip G. Bonzon MMR
2019 Philip Aylward Wichita, KS MCoR Convention
2017 Brad Slone MMRAmes, IA MCoR Convention
2016 Larry E. GulickCouncil Bluffs, IA MCoR Convention
2015 Larry W. Diehl Jefferson City, MO MCoR Convention
2014 Steven P. August Memphis, TN MCoR Convention
2013 Bradley Morneau MMROlathe, KS MCoR Convention
2012 Frances Hale MMRSaint Louis, MO MCoR Convention
2011 Robert D. Rands Norfolk, NE MCoR Convention
2010 Paul Richardson MMRCedar Rapids, IA MCoR Convention
2009 W. Miles Hale MMRWichita, KS MCoR Convention
2008 James D. Anderson Branson, MO MCoR Convention
2007 Thomas E. Shook MMRLenexa, KS MCoR Convention
2006 W. Marty Vaughn MMRCouncil Bluffs, IA MCoR Convention
2005 Whitney D. Johnson Topeka, KS MCoR Convention
2004 Robert J. Amsler JrCollinsville, IL MCoR Convention
2003 Joe B. Robertson MMROlathe, KS MCoR Convention
2002 Larry R. Alfred MMRNorth Platte MCoR Convention
2001 Kenneth S. Thompson St. Louis National Convention
2000 Richard E. Napper MMRAmes MCoR Convention
1999 Randolph P. Meyer MMROmaha MCoR Convention
1998 John W. Hardy Kansas City National Convention
1997 Dean Windsor MMRLittle Rock MCoR Convention
1995 Peter T. Bellos MMRDes Moines MCoR Convention
1994 G. Patrick Harriman MMRCarthage MCoR Convention
1993 Larry R. Long MMRKansas City MCoR Convention
1992 Ronald D. Morse Sr. Sr MMRTulsa MCoR Convention
1991 David Halpern MMRSpringfield MCoR Convention
1990 Robert M. Dye Omaha MCoR Convention
1989 Ronald E. Williams MMRSt. Louis MCoR Convention
1988 Robert A. Lenz Des Moines MCoR Convention
1987 John C. Kalin Oklahoma City MCoR Convention
1986 James D. Hammer Kansas City MCoRConvention
1985 Allen Pollock Little Rock MCoR Convention
1983 Arthur C. Brown Omaha MCoR Convention
1982 Joseph J. Bothman St. Louis MCoR Convention
1981 Jack C. Rice Tulsa MCoR Convention

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Kenny Cline Award


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