1-Indian Nations Division


2-Turkey Creek Division


3-Kate Shelley Division


4-Eastern Iowa Division


5-Western Heritage Division


6-Kansas Central Division


7-Chisholm Trail Division


8-Maple Leaf Area


9-Central Missouri Area


10-Gateway Division


11-Ozark Mountain Area


12-Northern Arkansas Area


13-Little Rock Area


14-Cowboy Line Division


15-Oklahoma Heartland Division


16-Northern Oklahoma Area


17-Western Kansas Division


18-Platte Valley Division


19-ILLOWA Rails Area


21-Fallen Flags Division


22-Nebraska West Central Division


23-Great MidWestern Division


24-Southern Arkansas Area

Eastern Iowa Division


Cornell "Mike" Barkhurst

305 Main St

Calamus, IA 52729

(H) 563-529-5267

E-mail: cmbarkhurst *at* gmail.com



Philip "Flip" Klinger

401 Old Marion Road NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-2110

(H) 319-395-7400

E-mail: pklinger *at* krflawfirm.com



Todd Summers

2610 Salem Circle

Marion, Iowa 52302


E-mail: sumonetss *at* gmail.com


Achievement Chairman

Allen G. Merta MMR

5919 Purple Dr N E

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-1317

(H) 319-393-2990

E-mail: ar.merta *at* mchsi.com



Genny Yarne

2605 Brockman Ave

Marion, IA 52302-1909

(H) 319-377-4212

E-mail: genny2605 *at* gmail.com



Tony J. Bowen, MMR

588 6th Ave

Coggon, IA 52218-9618

(H) (319)435-2028

E-mail: dir-2904@mcor-nmra.org




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