1-Indian Nations Division


2-Turkey Creek Division


3-Kate Shelley Division


4-Eastern Iowa Division


5-Western Heritage Division


6-Kansas Central Division


7-Chisholm Trail Division


8-Maple Leaf Area


9-Central Missouri Area


10-Gateway Division


11-Ozark Mountain Area


12-Northern Arkansas Area


13-Little Rock Area


14-Cowboy Line Division


15-Oklahoma Heartland Division


16-Northern Oklahoma Area


17-Western Kansas Division


18-Platte Valley Division


19-ILLOWA Rails Area


21-Fallen Flags Division


22-Nebraska West Central Division


23-Great MidWestern Division


24-Southern Arkansas Area

Indian Nations Division


Allan Roecker

(H) 918-886-5732

E-mail: allanroecker *at* yahoo.com


Asst. Superintendent

Charles Tapper

E-mail: chastap *at* cox.net



Raymond Brunner

E-mail: foamer *at* maphound.com


Newsletter Editor

David Salamon


E-mail: drs_rr *at* yahoo.com


Achievement Chairman




Ray Brunner

5656 S. 170th West Avenue

Sand Springs, OK. 74063

(M) 520-444-0662

E-mail: dir-2901@mcor-nmra.org




Division Newsletter

For the "Division Points" - please see the Website


Meet 4 times a year. Unless otherwise specified, all Indian Nations NMRA meets are held at the Hardesty Library, 8316 E. 93rd St. just east of Memorial Road in Tulse, OK. Library opens at 9 am and the meetings start at 9:30 am. For the next meeting date and program, please contact either the Superintendent or visit the web page.


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